A Christmas Question

Every year, our homeschool group puts on a Christmas recital/concert/talent show/program thing. Any student who wants to be involved can do so in whatever fashion they wish. Many of them sing or perform on instruments, there have been a few skits and a couple boys have put together video presentations set to music. My three youngest kids, who are still in school, sing in the choir and Aleina usually does a solo of one of her favorite songs.

A couple years ago she wrote a poem about how much she loves her family and read it aloud. Of course, Mom, Dad and even a couple of her big brothers had tears in their eyes. She is the only girl with five older brothers. They’ve shown her that she is to be treasured, and that she can punch a boy if he needs it. At 13, she’s a rough and tumble princess who designs beautiful dresses, and loves the 1969 Dodge Charger RT.

For this year’s Christmas program, she wrote and read this piece. It blessed me more than words can describe.



          What does Christmas really mean? To some, it just means presents, stocking stuffers and the cost of these; but to me it means more. It means Family, joy and laughter. For my family, the best Christmas was the year we couldn’t afford to buy presents because we needed to use the money to put dinner on our plates. The thing that made that Christmas so wonderful was the time we all spent together. It had almost nothing to do with what was under the tree. My mom and dad couldn’t do any Christmas shopping that year, so my brothers and I put our money together and got gifts for each other and our parents. They were small but they meant a lot.

My mom made lots of cookies for everyone, and she and dad wrote cards that said important things like how proud they are of each of us. After Christmas my friends asked me what I got for Christmas, and all I said was, “This necklace I’m wearing and some great memories.” If you ask me, it was the best Christmas I’ve ever had, and I am hoping that this Christmas will hold as much love and peace as that one did. I think Jesus was pretty happy with his birthday celebration that year.

So, what does Christmas really mean?

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6 Responses to A Christmas Question

  1. katie says:

    Exactly what Eleina said. Its the time we spend with our families. I cant remember the gifts but I do remember the family gatherings. It leaves a warm smile place in your heart forever


  2. Beautiful!! (tear, tear) You have such amazing children Dawn!!!


  3. AliBeanBaby says:

    Love this! One year when our boys were young we all agreed to give all of our Christmas money (which wasn’t much at that point) to friends who were adopting a baby from another country. It was a very rich Christmas for us!


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