Back for More

I haven’t been here in quite a while, and I’ve missed you. There were a couple things that I needed to work on and other (more fun) things had to be set aside for a while. Now it’s time to wake up this sleepy little blog.

I plan on waking us up with a little extro-sprection. That’s my new word for expressing the findings of introspection. I could just say “expression,” but that would be boring.

It would be oversimplifying to say that God has been showing me or teaching me things over the years, because the truth is it’s been far more painful and much deeper than being shown or taught something. It can best be described as carving out the real me, the me that God could see.

In carving as in sculpting, the artist sees something in the material, then removes the excess from around the form he sees. It’s painful to be the block of wood. Some of those tools cut deep. You have to give up bits and pieces that formed who you were, to become the work of art that the artist knows you are. And what care God gives his works of art; no hacking and chopping, rather a mindful, deliberate accuracy.

Through that long and raw process I have gained a steadier foundation, and it is this: God is more. God is more than my problems. God is more than my best experiences. God is more than anything Hell throws at me. God is more than any lesson I learn. God is more than the ugliness I see in myself. God is more than my strengths. God is more than the absence of sin. God is more than the Bible can contain. God is more than his people let him be.

It took a while for that understanding to fully permeate my faith, but when it did, I began to see that beyond God being so much more than I can think or see or breathe in, he wants me to take part in that more.

by David Calvo of Calvo Studios       

He gives me creative license in this me that he is forming, and in the future he is setting me toward. He wants each of us to see that salvation from sin is only the tip of the ice berg. We are so one dimensional when we think of God. We tend to see in black and white. We, the Christians of today, want God to be black and white so we can define Him, but He isn’t black and white. I can hear the ragged old argument, “What?! Of course he’s black and white! There is no gray area where God is concerned!” No, I’m sorry. He’s not black and white. He is every color of the rainbow and beyond. He is more.

This reality saturates everything in me. My thoughts are different. Fears are steadily fading, faith steadily growing. Worry has almost become a distant memory. It’s great to breathe the air of freedom! If you follow this blog you may have heard this in the undercurrents of what I’ve shared in the past. In the past months while I was gone I got a definite feeling that I’m going to start stepping out more boldly. I’m interested to see where this will take us.

God is taking us all to more. He wants always more and more for us, because he is more. Where are you in this journey? How has The Great Carpenter carved away old beliefs or parts of yourself; how has he shown you that he is more?

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4 Responses to Back for More

  1. Jansina says:

    So glad to see you posting on here again! I’ve missed your awesome insights. ❤


  2. Sue Smart says:

    Awesome blog entry, Dawn. Don’t stop writing. You have a lot to share.


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