Fill the Freezer! Project

I am taking my strengths, my passion, my love language, and my decades of experience and applying it all to a major project. I am going to my parents’ home in Arizona where I will spend three weeks cooking three months’ worth of meals to fill their freezer. That’s a dinner a day for ninety days plus some extras for lunches, snacks, and special gluten free treats.

Mom and Dad with their grandkids at our family reunion a few years ago

Mom and Dad with their grandkids at our family reunion a few years ago

My mom is in her seventies and is struggling keeping up with my dad’s and her own special dietary needs. They have a lot of restrictions and requirements that would make it difficult for any of us to keep up, but she is just worn out and wrung out.

For a couple years now I’ve told Mom that I would cook up a storm and fill their freezer if I just had the money to get there and buy a few months’ worth of groceries for them. I meant it and was frustrated that I couldn’t see a way to make it happen. Until now…

A month ago I started a fundraiser on Indiegogo Life. I’m excited because we’ve raised 27% of what we need to make this project happen! I was trying to figure out how to get this idea in front of more people, and thought, why in the world have I not posted this on my blog yet? So here I am. Posting it on my blog.

I would love for tons of people to follow the link, read the full story, and help in any way they choose. Here are a few ways that you can help: give financially to this project; comment about how Mom and Dad have touched you life if you know them; share this link on your blog; and pray for all of the phases of this project.

Here’s the link to the Fill the Freezer! project, and below is the link to share on your own blog or social media of your choice!–2/x/10439711

Thank you!

P.S. This experience and these recipes will be building blocks for that cookbook I’m working on. That’s right! I’m still working on it!


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