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One Smug Multi-tasker, Coming Right Up!

I’m still alive! I’m still moving forward. Sometimes it’s just about reaching the destination, and other times it’s about the experiences along the way. That’s the difference between a trip and a journey. I tend to turn everything into a … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned… Again

Just yesterday I was saying that I would share my learning journey with you. Here I am, already keeping that promise. Yesterday afternoon I learned the importance

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I’ve Got A Golden Ticket!

I’ll be fifty in just a couple years and I’m finally writing¬†my first book. Writing was always my dream, but I never thought that dream could be my reality until¬†just a few years ago. This blog is one of the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Venturing

This new venture of writing my first cookbook has already proven to be exciting and fun. As with everything I do, this process is teaching me and stretching me. It’s also causing me to expand my dream and look higher. … Continue reading

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