I’ve Got A Golden Ticket!

I’ll be fifty in just a couple years and I’m finally writing my first book. Writing was always my dream, but I never thought that dream could be my reality until just a few years ago. This blog is one of the ways I started expressing that. I’m glad that as my children are becoming adults and moving out, I’m starting a new adventure.

Today, just a few minutes ago, I took the second big step in making Fill the Freezer happen.  I bought the airline tickets! I am so excited! The last three weeks of August will be full of shopping, cooking, and freezing at my parents’ home in Arizona. And of course, the occasional visit and cup of tea. Eek! I can’t wait!

I’ve been talking a lot these days about my Fill the Freezer and Freestyle Cooking Cookbook projects. I’m getting more and more excited every day. Fill the Freezer has a specific timeline which is pushing me to get the recipes written, tested, and perfected. I love it because in the end, my parents will have a freezer full of prepared meals–hopefully three-months’ worth–and I’ll have lots of photos and recipes completed for the cookbook.

I’ll post as I take this wonderful journey, sharing what I learn along the way. I’ve heard that the best way to stay young is to never stop learning, and keep your sense of humor. I fully embrace both!
Proverbs 31 Lady

How are you learning and laughing today? I’d love to hear!

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