Lesson Learned… Again

Just yesterday I was saying that I would share my learning journey with you. Here I am, already keeping that promise.

Yesterday afternoon I learned the importance of saving your work frequently. For instance, just now I stopped to save and title this document. This lesson is brought to you by the letters L-O-S-T–W-O-R-K, and by the number ALL!

You guessed it. My computer crashed. I was a couple hours into condensing and totaling the ingredient list for the hundred meals for August’s Fill the Freezer. Well, I don’t know if that’s the correct technical term. Is it still crashing if it shuts off suddenly because the battery is hot enough to cook an egg, but you figure out the problem and there’s no permanent damage except for all the work you did? That’s what happened.

I was working on a new Excel page, categorizing and alphabetizing, but thankfully I hadn’t written any formulas. Those things just kill me. I do write them for things that need repeated calculating like budgeting, and I can see a couple different ways that formulas will help this project, but writing Excel formulas sprains my brain and makes me want to curl into the fetal position. I’m a big crybaby, so I don’t think I could have kept from crying if I’d spent two hours on formulas just to lose them.

So. Lesson learned! I’m off to redo yesterday’s work as I diligently save every ten minutes like my husband always tells me I should. I’m sure he wasn’t snickering under his breath as he sympathized.

i-will-learn-my-lessonPlease tell me I’m not the only doorknob who’s done something like this!

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