One Smug Multi-tasker, Coming Right Up!

I’m still alive! I’m still moving forward. Sometimes it’s just about reaching the destination, and other times it’s about the experiences along the way. That’s the difference between a trip and a journey. I tend to turn everything into a journey. I think it’s because I have no concept of time so every moment is wonderfully filled to running over.

What time looks like to me

What time looks like to me

This week I’ve been practicing multitasking; something I’m not good at. I mean, I’m a homeschooling mom and I’ve had my own businesses and I entertain a lot. You’d think I’d be a master at multitasking, right? Nope. I’m great at projects, and I can have a few running at the same time, but not consistently day in and day out. However, the last couple weeks I’ve been quite smug, actually.

My current projects are Fill the Freezer planning, developing the recipes for FtF and the cookbook, designing and testing a new Excel budget spreadsheet, planting the container garden, having my niece and nephew over for a few days, and a new one that was suddenly plopped into my lap.

pea on a plate

My husband’s new diet. Bon Appetit, Honey!

Here’s how I got a new project without any warning, when I’m trying to shove things off my plate, not take more on. My husband took a day off work to go to the doctor. (He has to go to the VA an hour and a half away, and being the VA, it’s an all day event.) We were concerned he might have appendicitis. He doesn’t, and it looks like we can handle the problem with some drastic diet changes for the next couple months, then a less drastic healthy diet from that point on. So, guess who was Googling like crazy for yet another special person with a special diet. I think I’m seeing a trend here. I don’t believe in coincidences. All of this diet planning is somehow important for my future.

I mentioned I was smug, didn’t I? Well, here’s why. This girl here, this inconsistent, non-multi-tasking, time-handicapped dreamer is still consistently moving forward on all fronts and took the new diet project in stride! I’m writing recipes and tallying ingredients, planning details of the trip, completely redesigning the budget and putting the Excel spreadsheet to use(!) caring for and feeding my sister’s munchkins just for the fun of it, and successfully changing my husband’s diet immediately. The garden even got planted and is out on the deck! (I didn’t do that. My awesome 18 year old son took it on himself because he knew I couldn’t get to it.)



Woo Hoo! I’m not stopping ’til something gets done or I fall over!

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