Call Me Streamline!

Another goal met! It’s a small one, but one I don’t typically find easy to do because it throws me off my groove. Because I didn’t want to co-mingle the fundraiser money with our personal finances, I opened a new account just for Fill the Freezer. As small a step as that is, it’s still exciting to me. I actually took the time to do it! That’s a bigger victory than most people realize.

How Time appears to me: distant and in a blur

How Time appears to me: distant and in a blur

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I have no comprehension of Time. I have no idea exactly what or who Time is. It’s a total mystery to me. Other than that, I’m just like any normal human worm baby.

Specific weaknesses that could bushwhack this project? One, I don’t know how to delegate. Two, I can’t multitask under pressure. Solution? My Master Skills at Streamlining, Organizing, and Making Lists! I discovered this superpower while battling the everyday trials of raising the most awesome kids in the world.

I’ve already shared with you my discovery that I am a project girl. My superpowered experience taught me that the secret to any major project is streamlining. There are a couple definitions for streamlining, and they both fit how I go about my life.

1. To make something more efficient, especially by simplifying or modernizing it.
2. To design or build something with a smooth shape so that it moves with minimum resistance.

How Time appears to me when someone asks me when something is going to occur: STICKS & MATH!

How Time appears to me when someone asks me when something is going to occur: STICKS & MATH!

In my world, Time is the enemy of simplification and minimum resistance. It’s like this; I’m minding my own business, throwing things together, creating delicious, nutritious magic. Then someone comes along and asks how long until dinner. The answer could be five minutes or an hour; there’s no way to tell. Suddenly everything I’m doing to present this fine 7-course meal is thrown into a tizzy and they don’t know whether to comfort me, back away slowly, or call an ambulance. See what I mean? Everything is fine until you add Time to the equation.

What it takes to bring about streamlining of a large project is a bumpy road because it’s all about tricking Time into not sabotaging your big event. I thought organizing and tallying all of the recipe ingredients was tough, but the job that is taking the most brain power is the daily planning.

How Time appears when planning a project

How Time appears when planning a project

In order to simplify this segment, I’m first plotting out each day’s prepping and cooking. The plan is to complete the prep for each recipe at least one day before it’s scheduled to be done. I’m hoping this preparation will overcome my lack of ability to delegate.

By having my assistants do the prep work before the day I complete the recipe, I can get to cooking first thing in the morning when I have the most energy. (No, Mom and Dad, I won’t be clattering around in the kitchen at 4:30 in the morning. I’ll wait until 5!) I’ll get my stuff done and the kids can begin their prep work for the next day’s recipes. At least, that’s the plan.

Which brings me to… I’m not a great multi-tasker. I mean, I can plan and organize like a fiend, but when I get into the middle of actually doing a big event like my daughter’s Sweet 16 party or our weeklong family reunion, my mind fractures and can’t seem to keep track of anything. That’s when my lists are key. If it’s not written down, I can’t delegate it and I suddenly lose all comprehension of when it’s supposed to get done. The confusion reaches epic proportions, affecting the space time continuum and distorting all reason and reality. I’m not lying. I’ve looked into the vortex and it is frightening.

How Time appears to me when in a project: The Attack Of Time!

How Time appears to me when in a project: The Attack Of Time!

Once I’m in the middle of things having to happen, there is no blur, there is no math, there is no Time for planning. There is simply, The Attack Of Time.
My name is Steamline, and Time is my kryptonite.

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