The Blessing Continues

Last Friday and Saturday were a feast to my extroverted soul! I met up with high school friends from my senior class. I can’t describe the depth of love I have for these friends. Friday was filled with hours of discussion and pictures of our lives and children, and catching up on how we’ve grown and changed in the past thirty-two years since we graduated. It wasn’t mundane. It was time to connect like we couldn’t as kids.

We were friends in high school, but now, although we may have divergent paths, there is more to relate to, more depth behind our conversations, and more calm confidence mixed in with all the laughter. I looked around and saw so much beauty in the souls behind those faces. These people are amazing! They’re funny, generous, caring, ambitious, and willing to see the growth and change in old friends. They, like I, are realizing what a great time of life we’re in. I didn’t see the competition and angst of our teen years (thank God!) I could see the wonderful, differing personalities. We’ve mellowed with age like a good wine…or microbrew…or grapefruit beer thing… what was that, anyway???

Small things like the cadence and voice of one of my friends, and the kindness and generosity of another brought a bigger smile to my already smiling face. So many smiles! My own and all around. I know it was a special time and we won’t go home and smile all day, every day. We have heartache and hurts and hard work ahead; but man! What a great break and a beautiful reminder to smile; to embrace joy!

These were special days with special friends. Please, let’s not lose touch for another thirty-two years!

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