The Opposite of Grief

What is the opposite of grief? Love is the opposite of fear. Peace and faith are the opposites of worry and anxiety. I think hope is the opposite of depression. When we practice love, peace, faith, and hope, they weave together to form a strong foundation and covering, leaving less room for fear and the others to penetrate. But, what is the opposite of grief? You’d think that joy would fit, but somehow it doesn’t. I think my struggle here is that fear, worry, anxiety, and depression are like bullies that shouldn’t do what they’re doing. But grief… It hurts, but it always comes holding hands with love. There is no opposite that conquers it because it’s not a bully. It’s part of love; it’s based in love.


I experienced something beautiful. My heart is remembering Doug a lot. My mind can be focused on something—work, driving, checking emails—while my heart is wandering with its own thoughts. I start crying without a specific reason or thought. For about an hour yesterday, the tears were pretty constant. I started out feeling alone and missing Doug terribly; then I felt that I wasn’t alone. God was with me, just being there. I thanked him, and the thanking hurt. I worshipped him, and the worshiping hurt. I gave it all to him, and told him that I loved him, and I thanked him some more.


If you’ve ever dived deep into worshiping God from the depths of your being, you know how it can make you weep with a mixture of pain and joy. It feels like it’s too much, but you can’t get enough. This touched on that. In waves, my heart plunged in grief then rose in gratitude. God walked me through the pain, giving me respite in gratitude and love for who he is to me. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it is one for which I am especially thankful.


So, while there is no opposite to grief, there is comfort and respite while travelling its path. Grief comes, holding hands with love, allowing the deepest of all loves to minister to the deepest parts of our souls. I’m okay. I’ll hold hands with The Comforter and we’ll hold hands with grief.

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