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Here I go. This latest round of crises is about over, and I wouldn’t want to be caught with nothing to conquer, so I’m taking the dive. I’m really doing this. I’m done with looking at some future date to … Continue reading

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Anthony Teaches Me a New Trick

My son Anthony, who is a fantastic photographer, came home last weekend to take pictures of a few dishes for my blog. I made the ridiculous decision to do this on the weekend that my mom and sister and other … Continue reading

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Thank My Sister for These Healthy Banana Coconut Waffles

My awesome sister gave me a waffle iron! I simply love waffles.

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Bruschetta for Breakfast

Grape tomatoes, a bit of garlic olive oil, some fresh thyme and lemon, and some capers, toss in some coarse salt. This was my inspired breakfast.

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Kitchens, Cooking and Crock Pot Confessions

This is going to be a brutally honest post. It’s going to hurt me much more than it will hurt you. Actually, there’s no reason it should hurt you at all. Me, on the other hand—here goes… My kitchen is … Continue reading

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Mexican Hot Cocoa

I’ve been trying to devise the perfect hot cocoa mix for a while now.

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Making Good Use of My Cheese Ball Leftovers

You probably know by now how much I love my cheese ball.  I like to make the full recipe, even for a smaller gathering, because the leftovers are wonderful to cook with. They’re great crumbled as a topping for baked … Continue reading

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Easy Crock Pot Beef Burgundy

Welcome to 2013! I hope you’ve had a nice beginning to your year. Mine has been full and busy. Now that we’re headed into the rest of our Minnesota winter, hearty warm meals become the warm welcome we look for … Continue reading

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Spanish Breakfast for Christmas Eve Dinner

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Tomorrow is the big day. What are you doing today to prepare? I always put a lot of planning into Christmas dinner, hoping to have next to nothing to do on the big day. That means the … Continue reading

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The Scent of Christmas Memories

I smell it.  It’s as if I’ve taken a deep breath and the beautiful scent of a cold German winter day has rushed through my senses.  Perhaps, if I close my eyes,

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