Freestyle Cooking Class

Freestyle Cooking Class Course Goals and Overview

This is what my Freestyle Cooking students receive to let them know what to expect in the weeks to come.

Course Goals

At the end of this course, students will:

  1. follow kitchen and knife safety techniques
  2. know how to read and follow a recipe
  3. understand basic kitchen tools and how to use them
  4. be familiar with common (and some not so common) spices and herbs, and know how and when to use them
  5. be able to deconstruct boxed or prepared foods and make a healthier, real food alternative.
  6. be able to make a complete, attractive, affordable, nutritionally balanced meal from start to finish, with minimal references to recipes, very little if any use of measuring tools, all from scratch, in a reasonable amount of time.

Course Overview

Each class is set up to build upon previous instruction, and is organized into 3 major sections.

  • First is Technique, in which you will learn basics such as proper and safe use of kitchen knives and the many ways to slice, dice and chop; how to make a white sauce easily and without lumps; or how they cook perfect pasta in Italy, etc. This blends easily into and sometimes combines with the next section.
  • Next is Experience and Discussion, in which you will spend time smelling herbs and spices, oils and different vinegars, measuring without tools, etc.  This is to reinforce in your minds different practical applications, such as why certain flavors blend and others don’t. Cooking is largely subjective; if you don’t like garlic in your mashed potatoes, you don’t like it, no matter how much the chef tells you that it’s delicious!  Then again, nobody likes garlic in their sweet oatmeal, and smelling it tells you why.
  • The third section, and where we will spend most of our time, is Practice, meaning you take part in whatever has just been instructed.  For example, when we discuss ways to incorporate more vegetables into our diets and actually enjoy it, you’ll make stir-fry, and you’ll use the cutting and sauce making techniques you learned previously.

We will have a presentation dinner for a small number of guests in which you will do all the food planning and prep, based on what you have learned throughout the course, with a little oversight from me.  I believe this will help you become more kitchen-confident and excited about cooking.  Because this course is also health oriented, it will be a healthy meal that you can reproduce at home.

Basic Course Outline

Each of the sessions will focus on the sense and flavor of the different topics rather than the authentic ethnic preparation. It’s all about Freestyling!

  1. Introduction to Kitchen Freestyling and what it means – Salads & Dressings
  2. Soups & Stews
  3. Sauces and Menu Planning
  4. Italian
  5. Asian
  6. Hawaiian
  7. Mediterranean
  8. Mexican
  9. Planning ahead…..way ahead
  10. Shopping field trip
  11. Practice for party-brush up on technique
  12. Presentation dinner

This is a really fun class. My goal is to teach as many people as possible to enjoy preparing healthy food for themselves and their loved ones.


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